Driving Event ROI

April 1, 2016

How does your program perform?

What Do Corporate Executives See in Corporate Events?

IT happens every year. Maybe once. Maybe time and again. A C-level executive dons the requisite wireless mike, takes one last look at the speaker notes, ascends to the podium and says those magic words: “Ladies/gentlemen/associates/friends/ Romans/countrymen, I present to you the newest/ greatest/coolest/most advanced/bleeding edge/ next generation gizmo in the history of the industry/ world/everything…”

Cue sales staff. Grow business.

For as long as there have been corporations, there have been corporate events. Over 1.8 million were held in 2012 with 225 million people attending, according to the most recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers on behalf of the Convention Industry Council.1 And as the number of corporate events has grown, so too has an overriding focus on driving revenue growth.

Yet with changing business environments and the emergence of more marketing channels and technologies, many companies face challenges and questions on how to improve event performance. Factor in the expense and complexity of events, the routine approach to events most companies seem fixated on – to say nothing of the challenges of measuring event success in meaningful terms – it’s no wonder many senior executives are questioning event ROI.

In March, 2016, Global Experience Specialists launched EVENTROI, the first-ever benchmark

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