3 Reasons To Give Thanks

Members of GES’ Las Vegas team spent last Thursday volunteering at the John F. Miller School for children with special needs. This hit close to home because of the school’s tie to our own Todd Iverson. Todd is a vice president of national sales at GES and has been with our company for over 20 years. In January 2010, he lost his son Ryan to a rare neurological disease. In light of their loss, Todd and his wife Bonnie started The Ryan Kendal l Iverson Foundation. This Foundation raises awareness and funds for the school Ryan attended and whose motto is, “All Children Can Learn.”

Since 2009, GES and IAEE have collaborated to support a local charity in the host city during the event, “Humanity Rocks: A Celebration with a Cause,” at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! This year we decided to support a local cause that meant a lot to all of us. In addition to the donation that we’ll make through Humanity Rocks, a team of GES employees created an interactive holiday experience for the school. And on behalf of our clients, we’re also donating iPads and apps. If you saw the recent ABC special that highlighted the great ways tablets can help children with disabilities then you know how this donation of iPads will be a very beneficial learning tool for these students.

After spending the day decorating, I felt pretty sentimental. I’m blessed to have so many positive things in my life. The Iverson’s’ story brought these feelings to a deeper level and truly made me appreciate what I have.

Not sure what to be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Here are three simple, but important reasons to give thanks:

1. Your friends, family and coworkers or even a pet: You never know what tomorrow holds and I cherish every moment with those closest to me.

2. Your job: I’m so lucky to enjoy what I do and that it provides me with a wonderful life. With the economic challenges, we’re blessed in our jobs.

3. Your health: If you are healthy enough to spend holidays with your family – be thankful. I’m so thankful to have good health on my side.

What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts with our Facebook fans!

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