5 benefits of a show ready display at an exhibition

Show ready displays are becoming more popular within the event exhibit world. These versatile, lightweight and cost-effective displays have a lot to offer exhibitors, especially those who need to make an impression on a budget. If you’re getting ready for your next big event, a show ready display may prove to be an invaluable asset.


Is a show ready display right for you?

Show ready displays are good for companies looking to build a customisable and attention-grabbing space. With a number of different configurations, you can create a more interesting stand and increase your visitors. The versatility, customisability and cost effectiveness of show ready displays make them an appealing choice for any business with limited resources that is looking to create an unforgettable experience.


If you’re ready to make a splash, here are five benefits of using a modular display at your next event:


1) Versatility

The versatility of show ready displays is undeniable. They’re ideal if your business is travelling to a variety of events and exhibiting in different sized spaces. Show ready displays are best suited for companies that participate in multiple shows where stand space requirements alter — such as going from a 8x5 stand at one show, to a 6x3 stand at the next. The structure of a show ready display is flexible so they can be configured in different sizes effortlessly, making customization simple.


2) Customisable

Because they have space for a variety of different components, such as lighting, TV screens, cupboards, display counters and more, you can customise the display to your liking. The stand’s message is primarily communicated through the “skin” that overlays the frame of the display. You can design your skin to feature your logo, images, taglines or other graphics. With a show ready display, you can tailor your message to specific audiences and modify graphics to highlight one product over another. With better targeting you’ll attract higher-qualified leads.



3) Cost-effectiveness

If you’re looking for areas to save money, a show ready stand give you the most bang for your buck. Show ready displays are relatively affordable, and make a bigger impact on the audience to boot. With high-quality displays in a reasonable price range, this is a good way to bring value to your brand without blowing a bunch of cash.


4) Efficient use of space

Another good reason to use a show ready stand comes from the space it will save. You don’t want to overcrowd your space with something clunky. The walls of a show ready stand are modern and sleek, freeing up space for visitors to come into your space and inquire about a product. With some strategically-placed graphics, you can even guide visitors through your space, leading them to your desired destination.


5) Adaptability

One of the greatest qualities of a show ready stand is their adaptability. No matter what type of product you sell or service you provide, a show ready stand wall will effectively communicate your message. Whether you operate a small tech start-up that’s looking to establish itself within the industry, or you’re representing a FTSE 100 company that’s launching a new product, any business can use a show ready stand to increase brand exposure.



Get show ready and WOW your crowd!

Show ready stands are just the thing you need to get the crowd you deserve. Cost-effective, lightweight and versatile, exhibitors across the globe are starting to take note of all the advantages provided by these displays. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your brand stand out — do it with a show ready stand at your next big event. If you need any help with your event, contact GES today to see why our global roster of clients continue to turn to us for all of their event needs.

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