5 Ways Digital Marketing and Event Marketing Are Similar

5 Ways Digital Marketing and Event Marketing Are Similar

As marketers, we are constantly tweaking our efforts to better engaging with our audience. We research new ideas, build complex personas, pay consultants to tell us what we already know. We all want to move our traditional marketing efforts to something new and exciting.

Two areas of marketing are growing in popularity and, more importantly, effectiveness. So much so, in fact, that many in-house marketing groups have dedicated staff specifically to support these efforts.

First is Digital Marketing , which involves using digital technologies such as websites, social media and mobile to build an audience for your product or service.

Second is Event Marketing , which is a live experience of your product or service through special events, trade shows or any other face-to-face, branded engagement with your customer.

Although these two areas of marketing are different, they share many of the same goals:

1. Convince an audience to visit you.

2. Create a meaningful interaction with that audience.

3. Convert their attention from simply being interested in you, to engaging with you and your content.


The challenges are:
Driving traffic to your website or event is becoming progressively more challenging. It is expensive to run ads, there is a ludicrous number of competitors vying for the same audience, and changing technology and media channels keeps it increasingly difficult to retain your audience or user base.

The benefits are:
When done right, you create a complete, interactive experience that guides the customer through your brand, products and services in real-time. They should feel both educated and excited about you and your company.

“To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.” — Milton Glaser


Both forms of marketing are necessary in today’s ever-changing world. Here are five ways digital marketing and event marketing are similar:

1. Optimizing the User Experience

As marketer, we know that attendee or user experience is the most important part of the booth or website journey. No matter which one you’re visiting (booth or landing page), if the user is not the primary focus, they will quickly become disinterested and leave your trade show booth or abandon your website.

2. Engagement

The best way to interact with your customer is to engage with your customer. Allowing the user to navigate their way through your brand in a stimulating and memorable way, will leave a lasting impression.

3. Convince and Convert

A website wants to bring users to the site to buy something or to fill out a lead form. An event wants you to visit their booth and buy something or leave your information behind. In both cases, if the experience is not engaging the user will not be doing either.

4. Measure

When attempting marketing, it is important to know what you want to accomplished. With the right tools, you can measure every touch point of the user experience. By collecting data and learning from the results, you can continue to better understand your customer and optimize their experience.

5. Amplification

The power of the internet and of a captivating user experience is how a single great connection could reach thousands. When a website or an event compels a user to share with their friends, the impact of your marketing efforts grows exponentially.

Whether you’re in digital marketing or event marketing, I hope you walk away from this blog with a better understanding of the ways these two areas of marketing are similar and how they complement each other.


About the Author

Kiel Jared

As Global VP of Digital at GES, a leader in face-to-face event marketing, Kiel Jared is committed to saving the world - one website at a time. Dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional marketing and hi-tech modernization, Kiel leverages his extensive experience in digital marketing to transform user experiences, website best practices, cutting-edge technology and content marketing. He has over 17 years of experience in architecting, designing and developing digital experiences on the web and beyond.

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