A Sip From A Fire Hydrant: Part 2

Last week I shared a blog about the teamwork involved in creating a successful integrated trade show marketing program for IDEXX laboratories, the global market leader in diagnostic and information technology solutions for animal health.  This week I’m sharing specifics of the campaign. GES brought IDEXX’s brand to life at North American Veterinary Conference and Western Vet with an award-winning campaign that included pre-show marketing collateral, three custom exhibits, a fully integrated multimedia program, E-literature, Smartleads measurement and a complete post show follow-up.

The pre-show campaign consisted of:

  • Direct Marketing collateral.
  • E-Mail invite that linked to a custom landing page.
  • A Facebook page.

The at-show experience was designed to include:

  • A complete customer journey that engaged and educated the attendee on all of Idexx’s products and services.
  • Three unique exhibits including a 20x50 foot island exhibit, and two 10x20 foot in lines.
  • A passport that was stamped at each of the main points of interest then at the end of the journey, exchanged for a giveaway.

Post-show content included:

  • Email follow-up.
  • Thank you telephone call.
  • Smartleads reporting and measurement.

The main exhibit incorporated an interactive theater, which included a Pet Diagnosis game. The audience was given a challenging health-care scenario and was then collectively polled as to what they thought the diagnosis was. This gave them a chance to interact with the brand in an indirect way.

IDEXX’s eight business lines were represented utilizing demo areas that showcased products and services. In addition to this, GES created a complete multimedia experience for each line of business. These touch-screen presentations featured an interactive 3D clinic, which allowed access to all of IDEXX’s offerings, integrated 3D product animations, educational videos and additional pet diagnosis scenarios similar to the theater experience.

Also, included in the multimedia content, and separately as a standalone experience, was an electronic literature interactive that allowed the attendee to browse over 30 pieces of IDEXX brochures and then email the pieces of interest to themselves for future reference.

The entire interactive was completely measured with GES’ in-house Smartleads program. This enabled IDEXX to determine not only which attendee was interacting with the content, but also how long they engaged and their main points of interest. The Smartleads data was then conveyed to IDEXX after the show allowing them to tune their trade show program to their client’s needs at future shows.

The total integrated campaign that GES provided earned IDEXX a coveted best booth of the year award. From a complete pre- and post-show marketing campaign, to fully measured touch-screen interactives, and three custom exhibits all created in-house, we reminded ourselves that we truly are a complete strategic marketing agency.

Did you have the chance to interact with IDEXX’s experience? Share your thoughts by mentioning us on Twitter and we retweet your content!

Kudos to Reg Delperdang, Tammy Dettling, Mark Rogers, Gabriel Alva, John Logan, Russell Liebeno, Terry Campanaro, John Tiotuico, Errol Ahearn, Kimrlee Shamey, Angela Triano, Melanie Richeson, Heather Camardello, Jennie Hall  and Frank Laudo.

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