Aligning Together For Greater Success

Last year, GES embarked on a ‘listening tour’ that gauged what show organizers, exhibitors, exhibit houses and EACs were looking for to be successful.  We are sharing our findings in an industry white paper, Aligning for Success which examines how the exhibition industry can transform to increase the value to all participants. Key priorities gleaned from research include:

• Exhibitors expect an easy, seamless and impactful experience at the trade shows they support.

• EACs are savvy advisors who influence, which shows exhibitors support and how budget dollars are spent pre-, at- and post-show.

• Organizers expect a seamless experience from their partners and are very focused on growing their shows and profitable sales.

What alignment opportunities do you believe can increase the value of face-to-face marketing? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page or send us a tweet!

(Information via GES’ industry white paper, Aligning for Success)

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