Baseball’s Heaven on Earth

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) FanFest has coined the term, “Baseball Heaven on Earth,” and once again we were honored to be a part of the MLB team, creating the largest baseball interactive event in the world. The picture below is of the baseball diamond we created out of carpet. As you can see, our team doesn’t mess around.  Hundreds of kids and several baseball Hall of Famers used it as their indoor “Field of Dreams” during this year’s festivities. Over the course of the five-day show, more than 100,000 people joined in this special event.

In addition to our work inside the Kansas City Convention Center, our team installed approximately 4,500 square yards of red carpet throughout the Country Club Plaza section of downtown Kansas City. The crew worked overnight on Monday, July 10 to be prepared for the MLB’s, “All Star Red Carpet Parade.” This spectacular happening was broadcast live on national television. As remarkable as it is watching our team prepare for the parade it is almost more impressive to see how fast they remove the carpet post parade. With pressure from the city’s, “powers that be,” to reopen the streets as soon as possible, our crew follows a block behind the last car in the parade. They work feverishly to roll and remove the carpet in order to get it cleared and traffic flowing again in no time!

Just as baseball has its All Stars, GES’ All Stars work behind the scenes to make this global event happen. I’m just grateful to be part of the team.

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