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Creating Holiday Traditions

Creating New Holiday Traditions

During the holiday season, people plan festive parties, homecomings, or fun activities to do with family and friends. But what is there to do when it gets dark by the time you head out of work? How do you honor rituals and traditions? Some people have generations worth of them, and some are trying to forge new memories. How do you choose?


One great way to make it to the top of the options list is to create a holiday activation at your venue, one that utilizes either unusable space during the season or one that brings in visitors during off-hours. Developing such an activation is easier said than done, I know. So how can you accomplish this feat, and why is it so important to do so?


Utilizing space during off-hours and off-season

For a museum, zoo, botanical garden, or other venue that closes at the end of traditional work hours or one that has unusable or underutilized space during the cold winter months, being able to stay open late or use more space could really help boost revenue. But just opening the doors obviously doesn’t solve it. It’s about the type of activation you create and provide that entices visitors and helps bring in traffic. Making something worthy of adding to the list of holiday traditions is the way to be relevant and remembered. If the event is shared on social media and by word-of-mouth, then it makes it on the holiday to-do list year after year.


Finding ways to get the event paid for

If your venue is one that doesn’t have a large budget, how is something like this even a possibility? The answer is sponsorship. Seeking out sponsors to help fill space or pay towards your holiday activations is a win-win option. Read more on how to secure and obtain the right sponsors for your event


Creating a new audience for your venue

Not everyone has young children or is a history buff or art expert. Not everyone likes to get out and smell the roses. This is why creating an event that draws in a different type of audience can benefit you, by either helping people create new traditions or fulfill their old ones, just with a new and unexplored location. You also discover fans you never expected to have.


So how do you get started? Get in touch with one of our event specialists, so they can get you on the path to creating new holiday traditions for your visitors, both old and new.

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