From A to Zoo

From A to Zoo

3 Important Things to Consider When Planning a Branded Light Experience

If it’s your first time planning a branded light experience at your venue, there are countless things you should consider before just diving right in. Just like any event, it can take months to work out the details and map out an execution plan. So what makes a branded light experience different from traditional events? What are some of the most important things you should keep top of mind?

1. Goal-Setting

Goal-SettingFirst and foremost, what do you and your stakeholders want to get out the experience? Are you looking to get more visitors this time of year? If the majority of your venue is outdoors, a nighttime event might help bring in more revenue. Maybe your membership numbers could use a boost. A branded light experience may also bring in new types of visitors, those who might not normally find themselves at your venue. Does helping create long-standing traditions for your visitors top your list? While these are just some examples, getting all the right answers to all the right questions will help you set realistic expectations and plan accordingly.

Download The Essential Event Planning Guide to help you set goals for this experience and for any future events.

2. Animal Concerns

Animal Concerns

After you’ve outlined goals and begun planning the event, you’ll need to consider how light exposure affects the inhabitants of your venue, e.g. aquariums or animal exhibits. Marina Haines, General Curator at the Elmwood Park Zoo said, “When we’re developing a zoo lights experience, we need to consider how much light exposure they have. In the wild, light is very influential on animals’ behavior. When the sun sets, animals want to do things like roost or nest for the evening, and the light changes their behavior because they see the setting sun. We need to think about animals that might not adapt as well to being up late at night and consider ways we can minimize or manage the light exposure. With other animals, you can actually change their breeding cycles, as it’s based on day length and time of year. So, if you artificially change the day length, you can accidentally trigger an animal to go into a breeding season.”

Consider creating your experience around certain exhibits or factoring in special accommodations for the animals.


3. Space Visualization

Once you’ve figured out those details, it’s time to create renderings of the lighting experiences. These drawings are important, as they show the project as a whole and as individual parts. You’ll envision how visitors will flow through the venue. You will determine how each activation works together and whether your space is used to the best of its ability, all while considering the animals’ exposure to light.

If pulling off such an event is not in your budget, these renderings are helpful in securing additional funding by way of sponsorships. Show potential sponsors which activations they can own or where the best locations are to set up a station.

By considering these three things, you’ll ensure your ability to create a fantastic lighting experience for your visitors. And if you need assistance making something magical, connect with one of our event experts.

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