Give Your Launch Event a Big Boost

Give Your Launch Event a Big Boost

How do all of those tech companies create such buzz around a new product or service? What do they do differently to not only create advocates for a brand but also reignite the love that may have fizzled out?

Think about how Apple introduces their new iPhones. Lots of buzz. Millions of fans. All willing to buy the newest model.

To achieve something as grand, we’ve identified six things great launch events have in common.

Know Your Objective

Know Your ObjectiveIt’s important to know why you are holding the event and to identify measurable goals. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to planning a successful event that can help you identify your objectives. Download the Guide: (

Go Beyond the Ballroom

Go Beyond the BallroomPeople get bored with the same old, same old. By choosing a venue off the beaten path or one that isn’t on their radar, you may pique their curiosity. Check out some of the coolest in the world: (

Know Your Audience

Know Your AudienceKnow your target audience and then target them with clever reasons to attend.  Rely on past attendee data and surveys to create custom experiences that resonate. Use our attendee experience checklist to make ensure that your plans are truly attendee-focused.  (

Create Exclusivity

Create ExclusivityMake your top prospects and partners a part of an exclusive experience to make them feel special. Learn ways to impress your VIPs:

Give It Away

Give It AwayDon’t waste your time on cheap stuff. Give your attendees something memorable and relevant. Memorable swag keeps the event top of mind.  Be sure it reflects your brand products or services.

Create a Media Firestorm

Media FirestormInvite the media, bloggers and other press that can help add gasoline to your media fire. Walk the press through each activation and let them experience it like a VIP.


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