More Than A Signed Contract

From helicopters to fighter jets and corporate aircrafts, my job can be pretty exciting to say the least. In my last blog I wrote about engaging your suppliers and letting go. This is about forming a true partnership.  We just completed a major product launch for an aerospace client and the key to our success was just that… partnership.

Teamwork is the most important investment you can make with your clients or suppliers. It nurtures trust and ultimately blossoms into partnership. But, when you throw in new branding and communications along with new marketing leadership, things can get complicated. 

How can you relate to all of this? Ever been in a long-term partnership?  In this example, the core client team and GES have partnered for many years. Planning started six months ago. We laid out an exhibit with two helicopters, a grand opening event, product reveal and an integrated marketing communications campaign. The challenge came in bringing marketing and executive leadership teams into alignment on everything.  As the show approached, so did the number of changes, adjustments and opinions (not to mention four additional helicopters). Maintaining focus on the key message and reinforcing communication across departments sustained the integrity of the overall program. 

If you haven’t guessed my client or the product launch, I’m talking about the Heli-Expo Show for Bell Helicopter. The task involved introducing customer support solutions and two new helicopter products, the 407GX and 407AH

A few questions to ponder:

If you’re a client:

• Can you trust your supplier and are they the type of people you would actually like to spend time with? • Would you be able to sit through hours of meetings and still have a laugh?

If you’re a supplier:

• Who is your ideal client? Are you actually interested in their industry and products? • Don’t forget your internal team: Can they deliver what you are promising?

Partnership in this case and many others is more than just a signed contract. It’s countless hours around a table littered with lunch, laptops, layouts and long nights (not to mention a fair share of laughs). Check out the video of the event here and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

Signing off from Merrillwood Ranch… Horses need to be fed.

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