Politically Correct Sustainability

When you hit the trade show floor and see the elaborate booths, yards of registration counters and massive entrance units constructed with sustainable products, I’m sure you wonder… Is the space sustainable as well? 

Where do these items live when they’re not being used?  In our warehouses, and we’ve also made the installation of new energy-efficient lighting a priority. The results of these changes are making a significant environmental impact. 

Our offices in Las Vegas, Teterboro, NJ, Atlanta, Brooklyn Park, MN, Cypress, CA and Renton, WA save approximately 2.1 million kWh (Kilowatt-Hours) annually with a 3.2 million lb reduction in CO2 emissions. I know, these are large numbers, let’s break this down.

It’s been said that Al Gore’s mansion uses 221,000 kWh annually. We’d be able to light Al Gore’s mansion for approximately 10 years with all the savings we’re seeing in electrical (that’s incredible, I know). What about an average size house? (I know we all don’t live in mansions like Gore). According to the Department of Energy an average house uses 14,000 kWh annually. Our energy savings could light up your house for about 150 years, or 150 of your closest friends within the same year. 

Not convinced yet? I’ll use our Las Vegas customer care center as an example; we’ve converted our entire warehouse lighting of approximately 850,000 square feet, to be energy efficient. Although this wasn’t an easy task from a financial perspective, we were committed to the overall return on investment – including our environment, and we paid back our initial investment within a year and a half. After the initial cities were completed, we extended our efforts to our Boston, Chula Vista, CA Hayward, CA, Hebron, KY and Phoenix offices.

So, the next time you’re on the trade show floor taking everything in, consider the entire life cycle of the equipment that is constructed. If you’re an advocate while at work, why not be politically correct and bring your sustainability home.

What have you done to make your home-life greener? Share your ideas with the industry on our professional LinkedIn group!

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