Rebuilding and Remembering

Ten years ago this week a series of coordinated terrorist attacks shook Americans to the core and profoundly reshaped the history of our country. The 9/11 attacks touched the hearts of millions of people around the world who watched the events of that day unfold. As Americans, we all stand together in our resolve to remember those who innocently died or sacrificed their lives to help others.

Ten years later, the sights and sounds are of that of rebuilding. Last fall, GES was approached by mOcean, a marketing and branding company based in Los Angeles, and they assembled a team to meet with Silverstein Properties Inc. (SPI), the developer of New York City’s World Trade Center Towers 2, 3, 4 and 7. The task was the creation of a unique marketing and sales experience that would help SPI with leasing nearly nine million square feet of commercial space in these towers.

This high-profile and history-in-the-making project is also an opportunity for America to show the world that the memory of everyone involved in that tragic day will shine through the rubble and destruction. Working together, GES and mOcean conceived of the experience that highlights the project’s world-renowned architects and the thriving community surrounding the site. The result is a 6,200 square foot Marketing Experience located on the 10th floor of 7 World Trade Center overlooking the Ground Zero reconstruction.

We tapped into our employee talent pool in Glendale, CA; Chicago, Las Vegas and Teterboro, NJ, to facilitate the creative design, project management, custom fabrication and installation.

Visitors are escorted through the experience and given an overview of the redevelopment project. The host controls all the audio, lighting and video wirelessly from a hand-held iPad as visitors learn through multimedia, exhibits and an introduction to the three world-renowned architects who designed the towers.

As we near the significant tenth anniversary of 9/11 and all eyes are looking toward New York City, the GES team is honored to be part of the next chapter in World Trade Center history.

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