Three Easy Steps to Extend the Life of Holiday Décor

Peter England works on GES’ Holiday Décor Team…

A few weeks ago, I helped set up a 54’ Christmas tree in front of a major shopping center. I remembered the first time I had my hands on this tree in 1990, the year the shopping center opened. For this season, the tree was re-lit and re-decorated for the first time in several years.  I marveled at the very good condition the tree was in, now in its 22nd year of holiday service.

Here are some tips for keeping holiday décor in good shape for many years to come. You’ll notice that most of these ideas also apply to your home décor.

1. Buy Smart

Purchase décor elements that will provide a long life.  Today’s commercial décor elements are built to last.  Large and small trees, garland swags, wreaths and sprays can be used for many years.  These standard elements can easily be transformed into new themes when it’s time to change the holiday look. Malachite may be the high fashion color this year, but a few years down the road reds, greens, golds and silvers still say it’s holiday time (without breaking the bank).


2. Pack it With Care

To save money and get the longest life out of your décor, make sure you pack everything well and it’s helpful to keep the original boxes, carts and crates for re-packing.  It’s also a good idea to take pictures of freshly opened boxes to give a good reference for how things are packed.  Second, be sure to mark all overhead items’ locations on a lease plan and on the individual décor items themselves.  Last, small trees can be simply covered with a large plastic bag for the storage season.

3. Go Green

Switching over to LED lights makes a lot of sense and provides good savings. The longer life of LEDs means less replacement from year to year, and the energy savings of 85% is typical from prior use of incandescent lights. It may surprise you that most steel used for tree frames and garland spines are made from 67% recycled content. Given the long life of these items, there are certainly opportunities for reuse and when it’s time to retire them you can’t beat 100% recyclable.

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