Top 8 #AskGES questions from the AEO Exhibitor Masterclass

We received a fantastic response to our #AskGES campaign at the AEO Exhibitor Masterclass last week, where we challenged exhibitors to ask us anything about exhibiting, big or small. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by our stand with a question. We enjoyed imparting our knowledge and hopefully helping you get the most out of your next event.

We’ve taken the top eight questions and answered them here.

You can ask us an exhibiting question any time you need help. Tweet your question to @GES_EMEA using #AskGES and we’ll get right back to you.

Using a scanner will be more efficient. The data that you collect at the show will be sent to you digitally so you can focus on following up on leads in a timely manner, rather than spending time entering data yourself. There are a number of app solutions on the market, including our own tool, Visit by GES, that allow for real time lead capture at the event so you can qualify your leads as you exhibit.

Silent theatres are becoming more and more popular. Apart from reducing the noise on an exhibition floor, a lot of the solutions also enable visitors to choose which content they want to hear. This can come in really handy if you need to deliver content in multiple languages, for example.

There's no one rule - there are a number of different options depending on your goals. The best lighting illuminates key products and surfaces. LED lighting is effective; and draws a lot less power than traditional 240v. You can also use lighting as a feature, not just for function, e.g. coloured lighting can add detail and highlight specific areas.

We have two options for seamless graphics - Foamex or PVP. Foamex produces more of a flawless finish as there can be slight ripples in the PVC due to nature of the material. It's also worth noting that neither option is suitable for shelving or mounting. You would need infill graphics for this. 

Content. That's the key. It's not necessarily the case that older customers 'fear' technology, it's more likely that they don't relate to it. So help them by creating content that adds to their experience.

In short, no. An iPad is not a visitor magnet. They may impart knowledge and maybe interactive and fun…but to attract visitors you need bold stand design, clear messaging and a strong identity. The iPad is secondary.

Smaller, satellite style stands generally struggle at events. Your visitor's time is the most valuable asset they have - so expecting them to walk around the hall to get the full version of a brand message is unrealistic. A single, concentrated stand with a clear brand message is far more effective.

This depends on your event - a business show is going to have a different dress code to a wedding fair, for example. However, as a general rule, try to dress the same or slightly better than the visitors you're expecting to see.


We hope you find these answers helpful and, if you have further questions, please tweet us @GES_EMEA with the hashtag #AskGES.

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