Volunteering: To Do or Not To Do?

Remember your high school and college days when you crammed every minute of every day with something extracurricular? Often, once we move into professional roles, giving back becomes more about writing a check than volunteering our time. Taking on a volunteer position may seem intimidating or even impossible, but if you’re organized and realistic about your commitment, it’s doable. Yes, volunteering takes energy and time (maybe even costs money), but you may have the opportunity to help someone you’d never meet or complete a task you never saw yourself doing.

Recently three team members at our Melville offices, a GES Global Network Company in the United Kingdom, volunteered with UBM to work with Harambee Schools Kenya (HSK) to improve education in Kenyan schools.  Mark Simpkins, Lindsay Clifford and Alexia Chuisse worked for 10 days with the goal of helping to improve the educational environments at numerous schools. At Eburu School and Ngecho Primary and Secondary schools, they provided the children with simple things like books and furniture. They got their hands dirty at Kekopey Secondary school by helping with infrastructure including construction, digging and electrical (Mark’s specialty). To read more about their adventures read UBM’s team member’s blog here.

Remember, giving back is more than writing a check. Here are a few reasons why volunteering is a terrific opportunity to step away from your career and everyday life to focus on helping others:

1. Volunteering is good for others: The world is not a perfect place and many people, animals, and communities need help.

2. The government and non-profit professionals can’t do everything: It’s impossible for them to do it all; they rely on people like you and you to get the job done.

3. Volunteering is good for YOU: Are you wondering what’s in it for you? The answer is, PLENTY! Making new friends, gaining important skills, making professional connections, building self-esteem, getting active and even relieving stress.

4. You’ll Experience something new: Isn’t that what enriches our lives and makes you live everyday “playing to win?”

Where is the last place you volunteered? Share your life changing experiences with our Facebook fans here!

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