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Your top 7 exhibiting questions answered


top 7 exhibiting questions answered 2


Last month we exhibited at the AEO Exhibitor Masterclass in Glasgow. We had a great time meeting everyone who attended, passing on our knowledge and expertise to help exhibitors get the most out of their next event. Part of our campaign around our presence at the Masterclass was #AskGES – where we encourage potential exhibitors to pen their most pressing questions to be answered by our team of experts.


We received a great response, so a big thank you to everyone who contributed. After the event, we took your questions and selected the top 7 to be answered by our team. So, with no further ado, we can now share the answers with you. I hope you find these answers helpful and, if you have further questions, please Tweet us @GES_EMEA with the hashtag #AskGES!

“What is the most important component of an exhibition stand?”

It’s difficult to just pick one; visitors see your stand as a whole – with each element complementing the next. However, for the sake of not sitting on the fence, having great looking graphics can make or break your stand. A few posters sticky taped onto the original white walls of a shell scheme will turn away even the most enthusiastic visitor. Bright and bold colours with great imagery work well, keep your text to a minimum (max 10 words and avoid upper case typefaces), and make sure you light it well.

“How do you use social media for lead conversion?”

Creating a pre-event campaign across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn can generate buzz for your next show. Use landing pages, videos, blogs and competitions to entice potential clients.

“What tips would you give to a first time shell scheme exhibitor?”

Once you have booked your stand find an open area (like a warehouse or carpark) and measure out your stand size using tape. This will help you visualise how much space you have, taking into consideration any open sides you have. Keep in mind your objectives and then figure out what furniture and graphics you’re going to place and where. Draw out and make copies of the layout, it’ll help you when you come to ordering your services.

FYI: Get your stand services ordered as soon as possible, for some services there are surcharges for late orders. You can find more information and helpful tools on our Exhibitor Toolbox.

“Can a shell scheme wall be made to look plain without the vertical metal connectors visible?”

Absolutely! Covering your shell scheme panels with customisable cladding will give a seamless and stylish look. Exhibitor tip: If you'd like cladding on your stand it is always best to get in touch at least 3 weeks before the event to arrange, as that will give you enough time to go through various design options.

 “How can I show off my different stock without my stand looking too busy or over crowded?”

There are several ways to show off your latest product lines without over-crowding your stand. If you have a shell scheme stand for example, then shelving or slat wall panels are a great option - check out our exhibitor brochure for good examples of product displays

“What makes an effective interactive stand activity?”

Two things: fun and competition. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you do as long as you have one of those two things (both is better). You could go super trendy and have a VR experience made, or keep it old school with hook-a-duck pools. Obviously, it needs to tie in with the message you’re trying to get across, but you don’t need to over complicate it either.

“Does giving out freebies really make a difference?”

They’re not the be all and end all, but they certainly do make things easier. For example, the questions we’re answering in this blog were incentivised at the show by offering participants the chance to win a £100 Amazon gift card. We always get a positive reaction from visitors when we set out some prizes – it makes a great icebreaker - and our stand is rarely quiet.

And that’s our top 7, thank you Glasgow for coming out to see us! The next Exhibitor Masterclass is on the 20th July at the NEC in Birmingham. Come and see us, we’re already looking forward to meeting you there.