Bright thinking - Brightstar at Mobile World Congress 2017

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What: A stand that makes a statement

Who: Brightstar, GES and Blitz by GES

Where: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona’s Fira Gran Via

When: 27th February - 2nd March 2017

When attending your industry’s biggest global event, nothing is more vital than standing out from the crowd.

The pavilion’s striking LED wall changed colour to match the mood of the event.

For the mobile and wireless industries, exhibitions don’t get much bigger than Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The 2017 event, which took place from 27 February to 2 March at the Fira Gran Via, attracted 108,000 visitors from 208 countries. Alongside providing a meeting place for some of the world’s biggest mobile companies, Mobile World Congress is also an opportunity for brands to showcase their latest technology, launch new products and look to the future of the industry.

One of the 2,300 exhibitors looking to appeal to the vast number of attendees at the show was mobile distribution specialist Brightstar, which was not only attending the show to meet potential customers but also introducing a complete brand re-launch, new product portfolio and website.

The two-storey pavilion needed to be striking enough to stand out from the crowd, and the brand image had to be clear, consistent and enticing. It was a landmark event for the company.

“These were things that the market hadn’t seen before,” explains Emer Timmons – chief marketing officer and president of strategic sales at Brightstar.

“It was critical for us that we created an experience that would set the platform for what we were launching.”

A new era

Exhibiting at the show would kickstart a whole new era for Brightstar, so it was vital that the company had a partner who understood their vision for the brand moving forward.

To bring the project to life, it teamed up with full service provider GES, which dedicated six months to understanding the key messages and ideals that the brand represented.

Visitors to the space could try out the latest virtual reality tech.

Due to the size and importance of the occasion, it was clear that Brightstar required a large, multi-faceted presence which provided both the clear brand message and the more practical elements required to do business.

It required multiple zones for meetings, product demonstrations and events, along with a VIP space for networking and hospitality.

“We wanted a stand that was memorable, that reflected our personality by being pioneering, being obsessive and being knowledgeable – we wanted to be able to take our customers on a journey,” Timmons tells Engage.

“We want to take them on a journey that made them understand that we understood their business, their channel and that we had solutions for them in relation to their strategy.”

There were three tailored customer experiences in the pavilion, enabling the Brightstar team to take visitors on an immersive journey through the brand – telling multiple stories so that visitors could see, feel and experience their technology.

On the GES side, the company utilised its internal teams, consulting with experts from its technical production business Blitz by GES to come up with new and creative ideas about the design and features of the space.

There were plenty of networking areas including a Soho House-style space.

There were plenty of networking areas including a Soho House-style space.

The theme of the pavilion was centered around ‘Bright Thinking’, and it was brightly lit internally and externally, with experts, or ‘Bright Sparks’ as they were known, guiding visitors through the brand, ‘Bright Thinking’ product bars for discussions about the company’s offering, and ‘Bright Labs’ for client meetings.

“The feedback from people coming in was it was the best stand out of all eight of the halls, because we were so innovative in our approach and the different types of things that we were doing,” continues Timmons.

“It was everything, from virtual reality to having a Soho House-style area for customers to relax in, to our meeting rooms. We really went into the detail ensuring that it actually touched every point that we needed for our customer experience.

“Customers absolutely loved it and some came back every day to spend time in the stands.”

The Brightstar stand, as a marketing channel, allowed the company to combine the look and feel of its new brand image with examples of how it will be put into practice within the organisation.

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