Fresh New Innovations at CES 2019

January 10, 2019 Amy Kelley

Bell Nexus Air Taxi

January is a great time of year for fresh starts and new ideas. That’s why the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas always comes at the perfect time. It’s not only exciting but also inspiring to see all of the new products and services and witness the leaps in innovation from brands of all sizes.



One of the most impressive examples of this visionary spirit is the multitude of unique hospitality and recharging spaces that so many brands crafted this year. These areas encourage attendees to immerse themselves in both the brand’s products and also the overall brand experience. JVC at CES 2019For example, JVC allowed guests to both view and demo all of their audio products by trying them out themselves inside a car. By creating the opportunity for guests to touch, see, hear and feel how these products and services can impact their businesses and personal lives, they offer the opportunity to really create a lasting connection with the brand that lasts well after the show is over.



Google Assistant Interactive Ride

Google Assistant Interactive Ride



Amazon Dash

Google blew the socks off of everyone with their interactive ride experience, which took attendees through a digital journey of how a typical day might unfold and how the Google Assistant and other assorted Google products make life’s everyday tasks easier. 

Amazon and Samsung

Another electrifying experience came from Amazon, which offered attendees a glimpse into the future new world of smart living and working. One of the new products featured was a smart refrigerator, in partnership with Samsung. This new fridge incorporates Amazon’s dash buttons in the design, giving the user access to order household goods as they are needed day-to-day. Hey Alexa, can you fold my laundry?



Bell Helicopter

And even more thrilling was the new air taxi vehicle from Bell Helicopter, the Bell Nexus. This vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicle signals the future of flight, as its visionary design includes room for five people and a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Bell hopes to have the vehicle up in the air by the mid-2020’s as part of a partnership with Uber and their flying taxi service. Hello, Jetsons anyone?


Bell’s Nexus Air Taxi

Bell’s Nexus Air Taxi

It’s not only the amazing brand innovations that surprise and delight as a visitor to CES, but also the sheer magnitude of creativity and intelligence from developers and how thrilling it is to experience all of the possibilities they provide. If you have never visited CES, put that on the bucket list. It’s an unforgettable adventure.

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