Global Exhibitions Day - Making an Impact

June 5, 2017 Amy Kelley

Across the globe, GES — along with the entire events and exhibitions industry — will be recognizing and celebrating Exhibitions Day and Global Exhibitions Day (#GED18) on June 6, 2018.

We all joined this great industry for different reasons. For me, it felt like a natural place to apply my experience leading international teams since the globalization of the events world was picking up steam when I joined GES in 2004. For others, it may be the logistical and planning challenge of executing epic projects in a short space of time, or it may be creating a memorable brand activation in a far-flung corner of the world.

Regardless of what brought you here or what keeps you going, it is important for all of us to understand the impact of our activities and our industry on the greater world.

We have all seen the statistics about the number of jobs supported by the industry or the overall economic impact to our communities when an event comes to town. We know it helps launch new brands and reinvigorates old ones. Despite the rapid growth of technology and telecommunications, our face-to-face industry remains a critical part of the marketing mix.

I believe our industry’s greatest impact is to bring people together face-to-face. Whether it is a shared experience at an event, an immersive interactive video installation or the exchange of a digital business card, our industry breaks down barriers between people and promotes greater understanding. With the backdrop of growing negativity and threats around the world, our events industry plays a role that is more important than ever.

What will you do to celebrate Global Exhibitions Day — not only this week, but throughout the year?

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Amy Kelley

Amy is the Global Digital Content Marketing Editor at GES. With a strong background in content marketing, social media, and communications, she is a passionate writer and self-confessed word geek. She is also the founder of a non-profit and a health and wellness online community.

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