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Ep7. Insights & Ideas: GES Consumer Event Case Studies

Insights & Ideas - GES Consumer Event Case Studies

The best case studies mix traditional and nontraditional into the perfect blend of relevant engagement and exciting integration.

This episode of EM All Access focuses on some of GES’ most successful consumer event case studies.

Video Transcript

Hey event marketers, Jessica Heasley here, welcome to another episode of EM All Access—where we connect you with some of the industry’s most innovative events and the marketers behind them.

Today’s episode is sponsored by GES, a global full-service provider of live events, and it focuses on some of GES’ most successful recent consumer event case studies. I spoke with GES’ Vice President, Robin Stapley about some of his favorite case studies and the unique capabilities GES brings to the table. Let’s listen in…

You recently did something with some very cool technology, with I believe some gesture technology. Tell me about that .

Stapley: We’re also in the museum space. So we currently have a Harry Potter touring exhibition, which is a ten-thousand square foot exhibition featuring props and costumes. Currently have an Avatar exhibition. But we also do permanent museum exhibitions as well.

So we worked with the Discovery Science Center down in Orange County and created aMission Control.” So we worked with JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and we actually went to JPL in Pasadena, walked around the facilities and got to see how they worked. And they were really generous and opened up everything to us. We took lots of pictures and recreated a mission control with large screens surrounding. And kids could come in and basically design their mission and get to launch their rockets. And those rockets were then on a large gesture screen, so they could then take their rockets and actually execute their mission on Mars.

Heasley: Very cool. And it’s interesting that these are such fun consumer activities with very strategically sound foundations to all of them. Very objective-focused, it sounds like.

Stapley: Yes, absolutely. And again, a lot of work we do is—we want a lot of engagements to be interactive and learning through fun.

When you do that discovery process, is that typical that you’ll go out and really get in there and immerse yourself in the company’s products and offerings to really understand?

Stapley: Correct. Yes. So for instance, when we did Harry Potter: The Exhibition, we went over and met with the filmmakers. I spent two weeks at least and basically sat down and picked which wand we were going to use and which costumes we’re going to use. So it’s very important to really sit down and listen to your partner or your client. And really understand what’s important to them. So for instance, on the Mission Control, just to actually spend a day at JPL and get to talk to some of the technicians and get to see how they work, it was really sort of helpful to kind of really create that authentic experience for guests.

The best case studies mix traditional and non-traditional into the perfect blend of relevant engagement and exciting integration all illustrated by the GES programs we’ve discussed today. I’d like to thank Robin for joining me and you for watching.

Learn more about GES’ top influencers and problem solvers through our in-depth EM All Access video series on thought leadership.


About the Author

Robin  Stapley

Robin Stapley is Vice President of Design and Creative at GES. With more than 20 years of design experience, including thirteen years with GES, Robin has designed exhibitions and experiences for clients such as Discovery Science Center, Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros., The History Channel, and Taubman Centers. Robin manages a team of designers that produce award-winning environments for a diverse list of clients. As project creative director, Robin directs all creative aspects of the design development, production and installation of exhibits. Some of Robin’s most notable projects include Harry Potter: The Exhibition, World Trade Center Marketing Center, and Taubman’s Ice Palace. When he's not busy jet setting for work, he enjoys exploring the many corners of the over 40 countries and three continents he's visited.

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