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7 Event Sponsorship Ideas That Will Make an Impact

It’s no longer enough to simply hand out pens with your sponsors’ branding on them. This probably won’t provide the return on investment your sponsors expect, and it certainly won’t make an impact.

Sponsors are not just an opportunity to make money for your event, they offer another way to make your event memorable. And, if your sponsors are pleased with what you come up with, they will be more likely to invest in future events. Here are seven event sponsorship ideas that will make an impact with your sponsors and attendees alike:


1. Virtual Reality

VR is all over events at the moment, especially with the introduction of VR2 on the horizon. Work with your sponsor to create an awesome branded virtual-reality experience that will leave a big impression on your event attendees. It works really well when you want to demonstrate a brand’s product or service.

Virtual Reality

2. Wayfinding

A far simpler, yet surprisingly effective technique. Wayfinding is a huge challenge at events, and people rely on staff and signage to help the attendees get to where they want to be. Position staff in branded clothing at key wayfinding points, and people will remember that friendly person from “company X” who helped them out. Or create branded wayfinding signs to give your sponsor more presence at your event.

3. Live Streaming

Not all of your sponsorship ideas have to involve actually being at your event. Thanks to the internet and social media, we have new ways of keeping sponsors involved, even if they can’t attend your event. For your next event, consider setting up a live feed of your best content – social media posts, photos, videos, crowd-streaming content, etc. – and don’t forget to make space for your sponsor's logo on the screen.

You can also utilise social media. Why not set up a Twitter or Instagram feed takeover? Your sponsor can hijack these accounts and do some of the work for you during your event by ensuring it gets enough coverage on social media.

Live Streaming

4. Free Service Demonstrations

Things like free massages and physio can work really well, depending on your audience. If your sponsors have cool products or a useful service that you think attendees might enjoy, then take advantage!

5. Swag

No matter how far technology advances or how the world of events changes over time, there’s no denying everyone loves a bit of swag. Free stuff always goes down well. You just have to make sure it’s stuff people will actually want to use or take home with them. Throw in some cool branded gadgets and tasty snacks to keep people going during your event. Or perhaps give away some branded bottles or wine glasses that can be used for corporate events.

6. Photo Booths

Wherever there is a decent photo booth, you will find a queue of people ready to take some snaps. Put together a branded photo booth where people can hold objects and signs that contain your sponsor’s logos. That’s just what Facebook did at a recent event.

7. Event Apps

One thing sponsors love about being featured on an app is they can see how many people clicked their ad and used the app. Create an app for your event with your sponsor’s logo on it, or add a banner for them somewhere within the app.

When you’re ready to plan your next event, congress or trade show, give GES a call… we’ll help you implement a sponsorship strategy that drives results and enhances the experience for both your sponsors and attendees.