AVATAR: Discover Pandora

AVATAR: Discover Pandora is a new, interactive exhibition inspired by the extraordinary creatures, breathtaking environments and inspirational cultures of James Cameron’s AVATAR. In this 12,000-square-foot entertainment and educational experience, visitors will leave the 21st century behind and step into a 22nd century world filled with science and wonder.

  • Presenting Pandora as a real place, AVATAR: Discover Pandora gives visitors the opportunity to interact with Pandora’s diverse flora and fauna, exotic wildlife, and the mythology and culture of its indigenous people, the Na’vi.
  • GES captured the original wonder of AVATAR’s extraterrestrial environment with re-creations of the Hallelujah Mountains and Tree of Souls, as well as life-sized models of the banshee, direhorse and viperwolf creatures.
  • In collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox, GES Events will tour AVATAR: Discover Pandora to additional global markets after its international premiere in Taipei, Taiwan.
The creatures seriously looked real! I felt like I was in the movie



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