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From modest beginnings ten years ago, our partnership with Dell has grown to encompass large events around the world. We provide planning and production that helps Dell showcase their products at both client-facing and internal events, from their 4-day Field Readiness Seminar hosting 4500 Dell account executives to Dell World, their expansive—and expanding—annual conference for customers worldwide.

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  • Concept and Design,
  • Floor Plan Design,
  • Structural Design,
  • I&D,
  • Graphics,
  • International Logistics,
  • Show Services

Gallery: Dell Field Readiness Seminar
We offer Dell a one-stop solution for all aspects of the Field Readiness Seminar.  We help them take the event around the world from Las Vegas to Madrid, Beijing, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur, successfully working with as many as 20 sponsors at each installation.

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