EuroShop 2017: An event marketer's dream

Ruben Brown



From March 5th, over 100,000 professionals from some of the biggest brands in the world will be descending on Dusseldorf for EuroShop 2017. EuroShop is a huge event that runs every three years, showcasing the latest breakthroughs within visual merchandising, retail marketing and more. With innovations in store design, event stand architecture, visceral event marketing, visual merchandising and a virtual attendee experience from the moment you walk through the door; EuroShop appeals to a wide range of audiences. And while a significant proportion of the show is geared towards retail marketing, most (if not all) of the great work on display can be easily transferred to use in events - so why not head along and steal some ideas? After all, event marketing trends generally follow retail marketing trends in short order.



Events need to offer a unique attendee experience. Attendees want to be ‘wowed’ when they walk onto a show floor. They want to walk into a lively, thought-provoking environment where they’ll meet like-minded professionals, build strong client relationships and learn new things.

As a strategic partner to several major event organisers, working on thousands of live events each year, we know first-hand that events need to stay ‘ahead of the curve’. This is why we will be exhibiting at EuroShop 2017. Dirk Diepenseifen of Messe Düsseldorf hit the nail on the head when he said, "Getting a taste of the trade fair is simply meant to be fun”. Below are a few examples of how EuroShop 2017 will harness the latest in event technology and industrial design to raise the bar not just for retail, but for the world of hospitality and events.

Structural excellence

EuroShop sets the tone for exceptional stand design.  With huge structures at every turn, each one is a unique concept that encompasses the core energy and creativity of the brand. Using the most inventive materials, from industrial chic design, to the use of experimental VR and technical production - these one-off creations offer endless inspiration for exhibition and event professionals the world over.


In 2014, more than 109,000 trade visitors from 100 countries went to EuroShop. Over 2,200 companies from 56 countries exhibited, ranging from exciting young start-ups to market leaders. With so many sectors represented in one venue, EuroShop takes attendees on a ‘multi-dimensional’ journey through the halls. There are seven in total, each one has a vital part to play in the way you present your brand at an event, here’s a preview of what they’re all about:

-        POP marketing: This part of the event looks at the very latest in marketing and customer engagement. If you need to know how to make the most of any outdoor communications or signage, this is the place to visit.

-        Expo and event marketing: We would say it, but exhibition and event marketing is the best way to get your message in front of your potential customers. If you’re looking for help presenting your brand at an exhibition, this is where you need to be. Incidentally, it’s where you’ll find us talking about exactly that - Hall 4, stand E05 – come and say hello (or “hallo” for our friends in Germany!)

-        Shop fitting and store design: If you’re looking for inspiration for your store front then look no further. EuroShop is the place to visit for the latest and most eye-catching store designs. Alongside the practicality of great fittings and fixtures, this part of the event also looks at textures, materials and how to plan your new look.

-        Lighting: Illumination has always been part of displays or presentations. But how do you deliver something truly outstanding but doesn’t cost the Earth in electrical bills and add to our already expanding carbon footprint? EuroShop has the practical advice and all the latest products to help you keep your bills down and do your bit for our planet.

-        Visual merchandising: We’re all used to well-dressed and stylish mannequins, but what is the future of successful visual merchandising? Does VR have anything to offer us? Can we finally get the Minority Report shopping experience we’ve all be craving? Now’s your chance to find out.

-        Food Tech & Energy Management: The EuroShop website describes this dimension as “Outstanding efficiency of new ideas. Pioneering energy management. Intelligent air conditioning and refrigeration technology. Modern baking and cooking stations.” What’s not to like?

-        Retail Technology EuroCIS: In this dimension you can learn how to tackle the growing popularity of online shopping by making your physical environment more connected.

 A Virtual tour

As well as the physical tour of these 7 dimensions, there is now a virtual experience of each dimension.

Each dimension has its own space in the virtual EuroShop world. Visitors can don 3D or VR glasses to look around and get informed in a multimedia format. You can intuitively follow the path and seamlessly step into adjoining ‘rooms’.  A new playful way to consume masses of information. As the minds behind EuroShop say; "Information doesn’t need to be boring."

Generating emotion

Diepenseifen went on to explain in a recent article that: "The retail sector knows exactly how important it is today to whisk visitors and customers away into an experience and elicit an emotional response."

The same mentality can be applied to events. The ability to spark an emotional reaction from an attendee, either from the look or feel of your stand, or from the face-to-face interaction is what will set your brand and the event apart from others.

 Join us at EuroShop 2017 for the GES Think Tank

Visit us at EuroShop 2017 to discuss brand engagement, event technology and effective stand design at the GES Think Tank. Let us be your #ThinkingPartner. If you book an appointment with us today, you gain a FREE entrance code to the event.






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