How to Choose A Creative Event Partner

How to Choose A Creative Event Partner

You’ve been tasked with creating a spectacular event for your business, one that people will still be talking about long after the event is over. You have an idea of what you want, but you aren’t quite sure how to execute your vision. You know you need a production partner that not only understands your business needs, but also how to engage and inspire an audience.

But how do you find one that ticks all of those boxes?

Great architecture and design are only part of a greater canvas of services you need. In the past, it was quite acceptable to have a separate creative partner, build supplier and an agency to measure your brand’s reach. But that certainly isn’t the case today, and the marketplace for these services is becoming increasingly competitive.

So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff to get the right partner that can support your needs? Here are the elements you need to see when you have a potential event partner asking for your business:

Creative and Design Event Partner

You need a team that can take your brand’s persona and distill it into a physical presence. Find a partner who can do the creative and the build, this will ensure whatever designs you see are all achievable and reduces waste of your already limited supply of time.

Another flag to look out for is the builder’s ability to create something that says “you." Check out their case studies: if the space looks similar except for different company logos, keep looking. Event spaces have hundreds of moving parts; you need someone supporting you that can be flexible and make changes to the space as your needs change.

Delivery of global event program

Epic experiences generally have epic workloads to go with them, so look for someone who can relieve you of the expanded workload burden. When you’re taking your global event programme on the road, you’ll need to arrange the print and delivery of your literature, hire catering teams, book accommodations and much more several times over – each in a different country.

What you need is an event concierge service, a single point of contact you can go to for everything. When you’re listening to, or reading, the pitch in front of you – keep an eye out for proof of their global footprint and really dig into the details of how the deliverables will be met.

Event measurement and reporting

Aside from finding a partner to create, build and deliver your event, you’ll need one who can help you prove the money you’ve spent was worthwhile. It’s possible to track your visitors through your entire experience – whether that’s using RFID tracking or touchpoints. The key is adding those features in without them looking like an add-on to help you collect data. They have to be a seamless part of the experience to make your visitor give over their information.

This is possibly one of the hardest parts of creating an event, so find someone who has the experience of procuring event data effectively. What’s even better is finding an event partner who already has those tools as part of their repertoire. That way, when you’re doing your post-event report, you can have confidence in your data and make informed choices about what you do next.

GES is your one stop shop for creative, build, delivery, AV and measurement event services.

Juggling multiple suppliers and vendors can add up to quite a weighty bill by the end of your programme, never mind the logistical nightmare of getting everyone on the same page for the same time. You need to find an event partner that has as many services as possible delivered by their own in-house team to keep your costs down – the big ones are creative, build, delivery, audio visual and measurement. Finding a supplier that can do all of those will help keep your costs down and your inbox looking in reasonably good shape.

So, ready to start your search?

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with our expert team today. Our expert experiential marketing team are ready to work with you – listening, understanding and helping you create a face-to-face marketing strategy that will build your brand and accomplish your objectives. We don’t create exhibits, we create experiences – experiences that’ll help you connect with your audience, tell your story and deliver the results that you need.

- Mark Sykes 

About the Author

Mark Sykes

Executive Creative Director at GES, Creative team leader delivering international exhibition programmes. Mark joined GES some 30+ years ago following formal design training in Exhibition and Museum designer, initially starting his career as a museum designer and moving over to exhibition industry. Mark has a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked on projects throughout the world, with genuine enthusiasm to create and develop intelligent, practical and original creative solutions that go beyond architecture incorporating experiential and engaging technologies to maximise value to the customers.

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