Matchmaking in a Digital Age - for Your Events!

Using technology to make a marketing match

Finding the right match is always a daunting process. Whether it’s romance, business or the lifestyle-related, it takes some work and some courage to make a connection. When you head off to a conference or business gathering, wouldn’t it be great to have a little help finding people with like interests, either as networking opportunities or business leads? We can all use a leg up, right?

What about a program that asks a few questions, uses an algorithm to match you up with like-minded fellow attendees and transfers your information digitally? Yep, that’s a thing. It’s a part of Poken by GES's digital platform.

make Your match

This innovative matchmaking feature is most commonly used in B2B exhibitions, hosted-buyer circumstances, corporate conferences, and congresses. Poken endeavors to gamify the meeting experience.


Here’s how it works:

The organizer provides a series of weighted questions, that both groups of prospective meeting participants will answer either onsite or before the event. They will also fill out a profile (to highlight this better, let’s call the two groups 'attendees' and 'exhibitors'). The answers are not the same for each group, as they correspond to one another, and also take into consideration the profile of the person. For example, a good score for a visitor that plans 100 corporate meetings per year, and is wishing to meet large hotel chain operators, would be a 'large hotel chain director that is wishing to meet a visitor planning 100 corporate meetings per year.”


Event Marketing with Matchmaking Technology


The attendees are invited to log in to a portal, fill out a profile and answer the survey questions. Poken then uses an algorithm to calculate the compatibility of each person and soon, voila!  A list of potential meeting prospects appears in the person’s portal, with weighted compatibility (7 is better than a 6, for example). The person can then send a meeting invitation, that includes location, time slot, and personal message. You can also set up emails, text reminders, and personal event agendas. And to make sure you don't lose all those new contacts, Poken's interactive USB devices enables you to collect contacts details, and digital content, all with a touch. 


So, think about taking a chance on a different type of matchmaking. Not only is it green (no more of those piles of business cards to drag around with you), but it’s also fun, easy and a dynamic way to network for your business and career. Take all the work out of the matchmaking and just enjoy the match! 


See it in action at the Convention Bureau of Catalunya, Spain

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