Event Planning Myth-buster: How to make an email invite

February 15, 2017
In reality, most events begin months before the doors open on the first day.  
The internet is awash with attending companies delivering their pre-event campaigns, after all – it’s a vitally important part of the event experience.
But what do you do if you weren’t born with this mythical web Kung-Fu?
If the thought of mastering HTML code, or telling the difference between a URL and a jpeg leave you in a cold sweat, relax!  We’ve got you covered.  
This is our step-by-step guide to building a great email invite.  This is a great first step on the ladder and you can send out to your contacts before a show begins.  Written with the help of our own webmaster and a total novice, this guide will walk you through every element of making an invite that puts anything your office based email system to shame. 
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