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5 Steps to Experiential Success

Have you been wondering how to leave a bigger impression on the audience at your next show? Creating experiences, whether it’s on the show floor or a permanent installation, can be challenging with several moving parts to consider.

Five Steps to Get Started on Experiential Success

To help you, we’ve created a 5-Step plan for experiential marketing success:

Step 1 – Do your research. 

Use multiple data resources to look at the audience you are seeking to reach. What needs do they have? How can you help them do their jobs better and get more out of the service they provide? Try to learn as much about your audience as possible.


Step 2 – Create a logical journey.

The ideal visitor experience is driven by an integrated plan based on research into your audience and competitive landscape, insight into the latest engagement techniques and a multifaceted marketing plan which extends your dialogue well beyond the footprint and timeline of your in-person experience.


Step 3 – Delegate the details. 

Exhibiting is like solving a puzzle comprised of constantly moving parts. Involving experts to answer your questions and coordinate those details for you not only ensures flawless execution – it also frees up your team to put the focus where it belongs, on your guests and your brand.


Step 4 – Don’t rush the process.

Planning for your event must begin well before the show doors open, with plenty of leeway built into the calendar for reviews and other hurdles. Leaning on your experience partners will help streamline your execution and make the most of every precious second.


Step 5 – Be prepared. 

Even the best-laid plans are subject to change, having a great Plan B ready to roll is critical to experiential marketing success. But even beyond Plan B, you should know that you are making the most of your investment.


Be prepared to tie your experience back to objectives and use data to prove out your investment. Whether you are engaging a partner who can help you sift through the data, or going it alone with in-house resources, make sure to create an actionable strategic plan which includes a measurement component that makes sense for your business.


So, now you know: the winning formula to leave a lasting impression is to plan and prepare, collaborate with a great team and leave them wanting more, which results in a truly memorable show experience.

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About the Author

Ben Olson, Vice President Experiential Engagements<br/> For over 25 years, Ben Olson has helped to bring brands together successfully face-to-face with their audiences. As Vice President Experiential Engagement for GES, Ben leads a team of engagement strategists who focus on creating fully integrated experiential marketing campaigns and brand experiences. Prior to joining GES, Ben built and led the agency, marketing, digital and creative teams at mg [MG Design]. Ben holds a bachelor’s degree from Carroll University in Marketing Communication and Graphic Art.

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