GED: Getting the word out for 2018

Chelsea Westlake

#eventprofs spend around $109 billion every year on exhibitions.

Most of us took part in Global Exhibitions Day, helping to put focus on our exciting and ever-changing industry. The growth in support for this virtual event has grown massively in the past year, with companies around the world posting photos of their employees posing with the GED sign.

Although, it's worth remembering that there are 6,870,000 full-time employees working within the exhibition industry every year. That's larger than the population of Denmark! So how can we get GED to make more noise next year? Here are a few ideas we came up with:

Traveling teddy:

You could get a teddy bear with a GED t-shirt and ship it around different countries, venues and suppliers. This could start somewhere, with a team photo and they would then nominate the next venue/company to get it. To track the teddy’s progress, we could use a hashtag and upload to social media.

Email footers:

You could use the GED logo on email footers to show support and then getting other companies to add the logo to their email footers. This would show to companies/suppliers/venues that you are involved and can spark interest for others to get involved too.

Branded Hi-Viz

When walking around on-site, you will always see everyone kitted out in hi-viz. By branding the vests that you wear around site can help to spread the word to everyone on site. Again, this could be posted to social media with the hashtag.

GED Packs

You've seen the Red Nose Day packs, so why not a GED pack? This could include stickers, flyers and magnets, anything that can be used to promote the day. You could do this for your own company or to share with your suppliers to show your support.

Tea Morning

You could create a social event, such as a cake sale or tea morning to raise awareness of GED. The money raised could be donated to GED good causes and you could have information to give out (brochures and flyers).

Elsewhere in the world, GED was being shown in a range of different ways, including Zimbabwe, India, Bulgaria, Denmark and France. There were photos of people using themselves to spell out GED, posing with banners/signs and even holding friendly a friendly football tournament. If you want to see more of what happened around the world, take a look at Matt Coyne’s recent blog post.

There were over 70 countries showing their support with different activities that were organised both online and on-site. This industry is always changing and seeing new ideas being brought to the table. The facts that are shown above just go to show how much praise the industry deserves and GED is the perfect way to show your support for all they do. I look forward to seeing what new ideas are brought forward this coming year and how GED will grow in 2018.

About the Author

Chelsea Westlake

Chelsea is Marketing Coordinator for GES. Currently an Event Management student at Coventry University, Chelsea has learnt how to run an event from start to finish and has been given some amazing opportunities, such as working for Pandora Events and Birmingham City Council. Chelsea is hoping to gain real life experience in the marketing sector during her placement so she can apply it to when she returns to university.

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