Immerse Your Attendees With Intuitive Touchscreen Technology

February 27, 2017 Kristy Hundt


Immerse Your Attendees With Intuitive Touchscreen Technology


Most event marketers or exhibitors understand the importance of engaging with their attendees. But what if you took the plural “attendees” and started using only the singular form “attendee”? Imagine the impact your event would have if you were able to put your focus squarely on each individual person. One thing is certain: you would have a captivated, loyal audience and the opportunity for a serious competitive edge.

With the help of touchscreen and intuitive interface technology, like the solutions from MultiTaction®, it is getting much easier to give your attendees the individualized attention they deserve.

MultiTaction builds touch display solutions that are both interactive and intuitive. The intelligent surfaces use infrared cameras, which “see” what is touching the screen. Their solutions support an endless number of connected display screens, so it’s easy to scale big or small.

The technology also uses optical markers, which seamlessly recognize objects placed on an interactive display table. These multi-source markers may be fingers, hands, infrared pens or 2-D codes. Once a 2-D code is recognized, relevant content – a video or additional product information, for example – is served up to the user so they can interact with it via the touchscreen. The technology even recognizes a nearly limitless number of marker inputs, so multiple attendees can interact with the display simultaneously.

Another cool feature of this tech is that the markers can be placed on just about anything, so it is easy to put your brand in the attendee’s hands – literally. For instance, Glenfiddich, one of the world’s most awarded single-malt Scotch whiskies, coded scotch glasses for an event. When attendees placed their drinks down on the interactive “bar,” it would detect the type of whiskey and magically offer up pairing, tasting and composition information.

GES had the opportunity to use the MultiTaction display at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! 2016. Attendees were enthralled with this technology! It drew in attendees and allowed them to interact in a fun and unique way with videos, infographics and case studies.

The goal with any activation is to grab the attendee’s attention, make them feel something that correlates to your brand message and leave them with a lasting impression. MultiTaction displays are just one fun trend we are seeing more and more at events and in exhibits.

Take a look inside our 2017 Trend Tracker guide to learn about additional trends intended to attract, engage and excite your attendee. Download your free copy today!

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