March 13, 2017

Putting it all together

At LIGHTFAIR International 2013, Philips unveiled a new marketing approach, combining 40 brands into 12 and displaying them in a single exhibit with a singular company focus. We designed a new 10,000 square-foot booth, creating individual vignettes that marketed each product to their very different audiences and yet integrated together to position Philips as the market leader in LED technology and innovation.

We also made a complementary virtual booth online, extending the experience to those who could not attend Lightfair, and providing an effective tool for the Philips sales team to use after the event. The exhibit not only captivated attendees, but won Philips the Best in Show award, as well as BtoB's Best Creative Trade Show Award.


  • Logistics
  • I&D
  • Design
  • Multimedia
  • Exhibit Design

Philips at Lightfair International 2013



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