Webinar: Trend Tracker 2017 - Event Design & Experience

July 26, 2017

Events, exhibits and exhibitions all have a common theme – design is no longer just the visual facade. It is about creating dynamic & strategic environments, rich with millions of micro interactions that all have purpose.

Today, we are beginning to see more and more customer experiences being wittingly crafted with the intent of developing business dialog and bringing brands to life. At the forefront of this shift are many of the industry’s smartest event marketers, changing their brand messaging from the traditional monologue tactics to a more robust dialogue. At its core, the best way to motivate customers to purchase is by establishing an emotional connection.

Topics covered include:

  • Engagements that help shape the attendee journey
  • Multi-sensory activations that harness the power of an emotional connection with your brand and message
  • Research-led & measurement-led design
  • Moving from monologue to dialogue – branded environments that not only tell your story, but allow attendees to engage with your brand

Learn how savvy marketers create immersive brand experiences. In this Webinar, GES’ own David Saef will depict some of the most crucial elements of event design and what it really takes to create effective brand experiences.

About The Presenter

David Saef is EVP of Strategy & MarketWorks at GES, and has been in the business of event marketing for more than a decade. He has worked with top clients such as Bell Helicopter, AAPM&R, National Safety Council and Penton Media and is a frequent speaker at EXHIBITORLIVE, IAEE, PCMA and IMEX.

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