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5 Creative Trade Show Ideas

In the world of trade show exhibits, there’s never a dull moment. Exhibitors are becoming more creative as trade show booth designs become more complex. From interactive LED panels and augmented reality games, to building buzz on social media, you need a spark of inspiration to have the most effective trade show booth.

If you’re looking for some creative ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these five creative trade show ideas that will elevate your brand’s value on the exhibit floor and beyond.


1) Host A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Augmented reality (AR) is a hot trend right now and it offers some huge opportunities that you can take advantage of at your next trade show. There are some great AR applications built specifically for trade shows, such as live product information, auto-playing movies and positional announcements, among others.. Set up a scavenger hunt for guests to search for hidden objects and clues overlaid on your booth. You could also offer virtual notes to accompany product demos which allows potential customers to learn more about your offerings.


2) Use Interactive Elements To Draw People In

Use Custom LED panels to capture the eyeInteractive elements, such as an iPad, beckon people to interact with your content and to take action instead of passively watching a screen. Displaying your content in this unique way takes it to the next level.

Integrating options like the Giant iTab Smartphone and touch video walls in your trade show booth are almost certain to bring people in and make them aware of your product.


3) Inspire And Attract Attendees On Social Media

Any trade show will give you the chance to speak and interact with attendees in person while simultaneously connecting with them online. Following up with contacts through Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for example, will build a customer relationship that lasts well beyond the trade show.

Additionally, you want to promote your brand and booth location heavily on your social media channels. Invite people to social media events, start a discussion and start posting about things relevant to your brand. Incorporate featured posts, giveaways and a social photo booth to elevate your game. When people can stop by your booth and snap a quick selfie, you get to expose your brand to their network — it’s a win-win!


4) Use Custom LED Panels To Capture The Eye

At a recent show, GES designed a booth for Toto USA to help launch its new water-saving technologies. The visuals were inspired by whirlpools and by using custom-built LED screens, GES created an eye-catching, digital “water vortex.”

Showroom Display program

TOTO and GES created a partnership in which GES was an extension of TOTO’s brand team.  GES managed the design and logistics of their entire trade show program throughout the US, Canada and Brazil, as well as designing and producing their Showroom Display program for dealers and product galleries. Both programs feature the creation of innovative displays, like the one featured at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, which featured TOTO products in a variety of environments.


5) Consider Renting Your Exhibit

Purchasing a trade show exhibit can set your budget back. If buying a display is too big of an investment for you, you may want to try renting a display. With rentals, you have the freedom and flexibility to customize your display on a show-by-show basis. You save money on storage, maintenance, freight and up-front costs. You’ll also be provided with peace of mind, knowing that the rental company is behind you should a problem with the equipment arise. And remember: Cutting back on costs does not equal cutting back on the impact a display will have on your audience.


6) Bonus! Host A Game At Your Booth

Hosting a fun, interactive game at your booth (with relevance to your product, brand or industry, of course) will attract a diverse crowd. While other vendors are handing out brochures, droning through a presentation or giving away pens, who do you think attendees will flock to? When people show up, capitalize on making the most of your time with the audience and collect contact information, or have them provide an email to participate in the game. If you capture this information, you can reach out to them later on down the road to provide them with customized content or company news.


Get Creative And Make An Impact!

Try one or all of these creative trade show booth ideas to make a bigger impact at your next event. Whether you’re trying to build social media followers or draw attendees in, offer up fun, interactive games and employ creative technology to generate buzz and attention to your brand.

If you’re an exhibitor trying to tackle a complex trade show booth design, contact the professionals at GES today to get started. We provide premier trade show services through inspired strategy, brilliant creative and flawless execution.

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