How We Transformed Our Atlanta Venue Into a Production Studio

The pandemic brought many challenges last year, but it also allowed us to look at our production capabilities and resources as the events and conference industries moved to virtual offerings. As our clients’ needs shifted, we needed to pivot our mindset on what solutions and creativity we could provide to transform our production capabilities.

One main benefit of our team working from home due to government requirements was that it allowed us to look at our office space differently and to create a state-of-the-art sound stage that can produce broadcast quality events, but with turnkey set up. 


We recently partnered with our GES Events team to create a client-branded Virtual Production Studio at our 28,000 sq. ft. office space in Norcross (Atlanta), Georgia. Our broadcast production teams worked together to provide technical direction for cameras, video production and editing, lighting, audio production and editing, to deliver both pre-recorded and live streaming content for the event.

Features of our “Virtual Production Studio”:

  • 2 studios that can run live at the same time
  • 12 separate stations set up to pre-record video and sound
  • 3 internet feeds to ensure zero glitches with internet connections
  • 6 Techs on site
  • Generator on standby in case of power shortage
  • Premium technology and virtual platforms for broadcast quality production

Check out our latest time-lapse video of our production and A/V teams creating the Virtual Production Studio

As you see in the photos, our teams take every precaution to incorporate safety mitigation to keep everyone working on-site safe and healthy during each production. Click here for more details on our health and safety protocols at events and shows.

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Brent Milner

Since his start in 2005, Brent has been driving growth and success at ON Services with evolving responsibilities across operations, sales and marketing. Now, as Executive Vice President, he ensures that live event productions exceed client expectations. From general sessions that "wow," to breakout rooms that run smoothly and everything in between, Brent’s team delivers digital media services, audio visual technology and interactive systems that empower and engage attendees in a dynamic, immersive environment.

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