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Committed to Supporting Communities

During the year, our hard-working team at GES is committed to engaging in community service and industry events in their local area. We want to highlight the organizations and events we dedicate our time to throughout 2024. Read on to see how GES gives back.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida

IAEE Southeastern Chapter volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida in Orlando. Eighteen members participated including GES employees, sorting a diverse range of frozen meats destined for several food pantries in the Orlando area. During the volunteer session, they sorted over 5,000 pounds of meat, which will ultimately help feed over 8,000 people in need. The group included show organizers, suppliers, and facilities from the exhibition industry.

Second Harvest Food Bank is driven to close the gap of unmet needs in Central Florida in a variety of effective ways. Their mission is to create hope and nourish lives through a powerful hunger relief network while multiplying the generosity of a caring community.


SPCA of Texas
Dallas, Texas

the Texas GES office dedicated their time and resources to support the Dallas SPCA, an organization committed to the welfare of animals in need. The day began with an exclusive tour of the SPCA facility, where the team gained insight into the multifaceted efforts of the SPCA, from sheltering and caring for animals to advocating for their rights at the legislative level and providing community outreach.

Following the tour, our team eagerly got to work, crafting enrichment games designed to stimulate and entertain the shelter animals. The atmosphere was lively and joyous, especially with the playful supervision of canine companions Legend and Penny, who ensured no treats were left behind! This hands-on experience allowed our employees to see firsthand the positive impact of their contributions and the importance of enrichment in the animals' daily lives.