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5 0   G E S . C O M / E U Want to speak to our team? +44 (0) 333 577 8785 PLACE ORDER ONLINE DOWNLOAD FLOORING SERVICES GUIDE AL01 / ALUMINIUM EDGING A flat strip that is used when just having carpet (no raised flooring) to give a nice finish and tidy up the edges - much the same as you would see at home. £ 6 . 4 3 p e r l m AL02 / ALUMINIUM NOSING A right angle aluminium strip, used with floor flats or a raised platform, that covers the edge of a raised floor and keeps your floor covering in place. £ 1 0. 4 8 p e r l m CP01 / PROTECTIVE POLYTHENE Protect your flooring from dirt during the build of your stand with a polythene sheet. Just safely dispose of the sheet when you're ready to start exhibiting. £ 1 . 3 9 p e r m 2 CT01 / DOUBLED SIDED CARPET TAPE For all those last minute flooring emergencies, get yours now to be prepared. £ 7. 4 6 p e r r o l l FF / 18MM FLOORING FLATS DIRECT TO CARPETED VENUE If you want to change your carpet from the one provided by the venue, you'll need floor flats. We'll lay sheets of MDF to give you a platform for your own flooring while protecting the floor beneath. £ 1 7. 8 8 p e r m 2 RDP / REMOVAL AND DISPOSAL OF POLYTHENE We can help you do your bit for the environment by safely disposing of your flooring's protective polythene covering. £ 0. 8 2 p e r m 2 RS / REMOVAL AND DISPOSAL OF CARPET Carpets are cut to order, so any carpeting you order belongs to you. If you don't want it after the exhibition has finished, we can arrange removal and recycling for you. £ 1 . 2 6 p e r m 2 SRP / 100MM RAISED PLATFORM LAID TO FLOOR Hide ugly wires and pipework under your stand's floor and lay your own personal choice of carpet on top, great for managing your space. BLACK PAINTED SKIRTING, £/M² (PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE CARPET) P OA UL01 / UNDERLAY 8mm medium density underlay. £ 8 .1 9 p e r m 2 CO01 / USE YOUR OWN FLOORING If you have carpet already, we can lay it for you. Just let us know when and where. P OA FLOORING SERVICES: SERVICES > FLOOR COVERING > FLOORING SERVICES CHOOSE YOUR STAND ADD YOUR SERVICES FURNISH YOUR SPACE 1 of 1 Flooring Services Specialist Flooring Vinyl Carpet Lead Capture Logistics Electrics AV Floor Covering Graphics Shell Scheme

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