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GES Gender pay gap reporting Page 3 of 3 April 4 th 2019 GROUP MEAN GENDER BONUS GAP (%) MEDIAN GENDER BONUS GAP (%) GES 55.9 46.3 The proportion of females receiving a bonus is slightly higher than the males. This is due to a number of individuals in pay quartile A that are in roles that receive a productivity bonus as part of their compensation. GROUP MALES WITH BONUS (%) FEMALES WITH BONUS (%) GES 35.09 41.28 *The gap is driven by our sector as many senior and skilled roles are held by men. We employ around 2 times more men than women (64% vs 36%) this trend is not unusual for a company like ours. The sector is synonymous with lots of travel and requires employees to often work unsociable hours, women are less likely to be attracted into roles that require unsociable hours. In addition we employee a large number of employees in engineering, technical and trades operative related fields, although increasingly we are employing creative, design and customer service roles. As a result of a greater proportion of our leadership and operations teams are male to date. Next Steps GES' gender pay gap results present a similar picture to the UK averages overall. GES will assess and act to address the gaps, looking at development needs through succession planning and support to enable its people to be the best they can be. The High Potential Programme and those for whom a leadership role is a next career step was developed in 2016. Since 2016 eight females have been identified and these programmes are still in operation. We are actively seeking to change the dynamic of senior and executive teams to provide more balance in respect of gender (women current make up 33% of the executive board) in the next 5 years. The High Potentials Programme will seek to provide support to females with skills and experience that are aspiring next generation leaders. Additionally we are regularly reviewing our family friendly policies and providing flexible working arrangements whenever possible such as flexible hours, working from home and part time hours to attract female employees to our organisation. We confirm the information is an accurate snapshot as at 5 April 2018. Katrina Rowbury HR Director, EMEA

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