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Terms and Conditions of Purchase Page 18 of 18 March 2021 Price 1.1 The Fees agreed between the Company and the Supplier, as set out in the quotation and invoice documents, remain confidential information and will not be discussed with any Promotion Staff or third party under any circumstances. 1.2 The Supplier may quote and agree Fees with the Client by reference to a daily charge. Where agreed on a daily basis, the hours of the Assignment are deemed to be no more than eight hours and not to commence before 8:00am or cease after 8pm. Where the Assignment continues outside of these hours (subject to the agreement of the Promotion Staff) the Supplier will reserve the right to charge an overtime rate of 1.5 times of the agreed daily fee. This rate will be agreed by both parties prior to the Assignment and detailed on the Services Schedule. 1.3 Where possible, the Supplier will provide Promotion Staff residing within the same city where the Assignment is due to take place, however on certain occasions where the client expresses an interest in Promotion Staff from another City or Country, the Compant will be expected to pay any Travel expenses incurred by the Promotion Staff for traveling to an event which is outside of the Promotion Staffs home city or town of residence. 1.4 In certain cases the Company may require that the Promotion Staff, if he/she is to perform an Assignment, will be precluded from working for certain other third parties (e.g. Competitors) for a specified period of time. If this is the case, it is the Company's responsibility to ensure that this requirement is cited in the Services Schedule (and an additional exclusivity fee will be charged by the Supplier in the sum cited in Services Schedule). Client's obligations 2.1 The Company is obliged to provide reasonable breaks and refreshments to the Promotion Staff during the Assignment. 2.2 The Company is obliged to have the necessary Exhibition or Public Liability Insurance for the Exhibition space or venue for the whole duration of the Assignment which includes cover for any accidents to the Promotion Staff. The Supplier reserves the right to withdraw Promotion Staff from the Assignment should such a Policy not exist. 2.3 For any outdoor Road shows; Experiential/Street Marketing Activities and Promotions; the Company, is obliged to have and undertake the necessary Approvals, Licenses and/or Permits from the local authorities and the relevant Public Liability Insurance Policy in place prior to our Promotion Staff commencing work. The Supplier reserves the right to withdraw Promotion Staff from the Assignment should any Approvals, Licenses, Permits, and a Public Liability Insurance Policy not exist. 2.4 The Company hereby undertakes that should they wish to engage the allocated Promotion Staff for future Assignments (or to engage any other Promotion Staff represented by the Supplier) all negotiations at any time shall be conducted exclusively with the Supplier only.

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