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Terms and Conditions of Purchase Page 3 of 18 March 2021 2.1.2 inclusive of all charges for packaging, packing, shipping, carriage, insurance and delivery, commissioning or performance of Deliverables to or at the delivery address, and of any duties or levies other than VAT; 2.1.3 payable in pounds sterling unless otherwise agreed in writing; and 2.1.4 fixed for the duration of the Contract. 2.2 We will be entitled to any discount for prompt payment, bulk purchase or the like normally granted by you in comparable circumstances. 2.3 If we will be reliant on you for any supplies of maintenance, training, spare parts, consumables or other goods, rights or services to benefit fully from the Deliverables ("Follow-on Deliverables") then you will provide those Follow-on Deliverables or procure them to be provided, for at least 60 months following full Performance, at fair and reasonable prices which take no advantage of our dependence on you for their supply. 3 Payment 3.1 Invoices for the Deliverables may be sent to us on, or after, completion of Performance (as defined in section 4.1). Each invoice must quote the number of our order. No sum may be invoiced more than six months late. 3.2 Unless otherwise stated in the order, standard supplier payment terms are 60 days, and organiser and subcontractor payment terms are 30 days, from receipt and agreement of invoice. 3.3 We will be entitled to set off against the price any money owed to us by you. 4 Specifications 4.1 If we order goods, then unless otherwise stated the order is deemed to include the supply of all relevant documentation and certification, and of any commissioning of those goods, necessary to enable the Company to use them for their intended purposes. If we order services then, unless otherwise stated, our order includes the complete performance of those services including any employee instruction, manuals, explanations or certifications necessary to enable the Company to benefit from them for their intended purposes. If we order goods or services then, unless otherwise stated, our order includes any legal rights necessary to use those goods or services for their intended purposes. As for those intended purposes, see section 6.3. References in these Terms to "Performance" are to complete performance of all your contract obligations as described in these Terms. 4.2 The quantity, quality and description of Deliverables will be as specified in our order and these Terms or as agreed by us in writing, subject to which then in full accordance with your representations (see section 6.1). 4.3 You have sole responsibility for complying with all applicable regulations and other legal and regulatory requirements concerning performance of the contract, and for ensuring that we can, in compliance likewise, fully utilise the Deliverables for their intended purposes. 4.4 We will be allowed to inspect any contract goods during (and your premises for) manufacture and storage so long as we request an inspection by reasonable notice. If, as a result of the inspection, we are not satisfied that the quality of the goods or the standards of their manufacture, storage or handling conforms with the contract, you will take such steps as are necessary to ensure compliance. If, after that, we are still not

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