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Terms and Conditions of Purchase Page 19 of 18 March 2021 2.5 The Company hereby undertakes that, should they wish to engage the allocated Promotion staff for subsequent full-time employment within the Company organisation, including any subsidiary companies within twelve months of the Assignment date, a one off referral fee equivalent to ten percent of the annual salary of the position filled by the Promotion staff shall be payable to the Supplier within sixty days of the employment commencement date. General 3.1 The Promotion Staff that may be introduced to the Company are not employees of the Supplier and nothing said or done by the Supplier or the Promotion Staff shall be deemed to have created an employment relationship. 3.2 Whilst the Supplier shall use all its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Promotion Staff introduced shall be appropriate for the Assignment and attend punctually and appropriately, the Supplier is not and will not be, held liable for any failure on the part of the Promotion Staff or any misconduct by Promotion Staff.

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