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GES SUSTAINABILITY POLICY Page 2 of 3 26 th April 2018 GES SUSTAINABILITY POLICY Building partnerships for a more sustainable events industry GES is a provider of first class exhibition and event services to customers globally. We have always been committed to continuously improving our way of working in order to achieve best practice in the field of sustainable events. Our activities, and those within our supply chain, have potential environmental, social and economic impacts. We recognise our duty and obligation to manage, minimise any negative impacts and maximise positive impacts that exist in relation to our events services. We have achieved certification to ISO20121 standard and are amongst the first companies within in the events industry to achieve ISO20121. Other parts of our business have achieved ISO14001 and we aim to expand the scope of this certification. As a business we face a number of sustainable development challenges and are committed to addressing these issues with regards to our performance in relation to a number of areas. These areas of focus are: • Waste – The creation and disposal of waste that exists through the processes involved in providing goods and services. Our focus is on the whole waste process • Procurement – The sourcing of materials and the procurement of our supply chain (products and services used throughout production) • Marketing & Communication – The spreading and sharing of information and knowledge between our stakeholders, clients, suppliers and staff • Market Performance – Contributing to a healthy and competitive industry by offering quality, sustainable services at fantastic value In light of the aforementioned areas of focus we have developed a number of key commitments for which form our sustainability objectives. Our commitments are: Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling • To wherever possible reduce the amount of waste generated Monitoring and Reducing Energy & Water Use • Constantly reviewing our energy and water usage in order to make savings on resources Sustainable Procurement • We encourage our suppliers hold the same ideals as us and to strive to become more sustainable. We will: o Supply sustainability documentation and policies o Issue sustainable procurement questionnaires o Ensure sustainability is part of all contracts Stakeholder Engagement • We encourage our stakeholders to give us feedback in order to assist our sustainability initiatives to ensure continual development • We work in partnership with our staff and suppliers to support them with relevant education, training, acquiring resources and assisting them wherever we can to encourage improved levels of sustainability

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