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GES SUSTAINABILITY POLICY Page 3 of 3 26 th April 2018 In conjunction with our core values, we are pleased present our sustainability values: egacy – Aiming to increase knowledge, standards and best practice when considering the enduring physical, economic, social and environmental impacts of an event. With articles on the GES blog, information shared through Twitter using #SustainabilityAtGES and exploration into renewable energy, we are building an enduring legacy within the industry to champion responsible business. ccessibility – Going beyond the fundamental principle of universal accessibility in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to ensure total inclusivity for all people to be able and comfortable in using a product, service, environment or facility as independently and as naturally as possible. With an accessible workplace, equal opportunities and CSR initiatives led by our CSR committee, GES thrives as an all-inclusive business which sees an intrinsic value in giving back. tewardship – Having and recognising a responsibility to development sustainably and encourage the values of sustainable development both internally and externally to the business. With a full-time, dedicated Sustainability Manager and Sustainability representatives across the business, our morals and decision-making process has sustainability entrenched at every level. ransparency – An openness about our processes and decision making which affects society, the economy and the environment. Take a look at the GES website for up-to-date sustainability information. upply Chains – Considering our supply chain and the processes involved to review opportunity for positive and more sustainable change. With regular supply chain reviews, GES strives to constantly achieve the highest levels of quality and sustainability. As an example. through forging strong relationships with our supply chain in terms of materials we use, we constantly achieve recycling rates of over 95%! With focus on our 5 key sustainability values as well as focus on a wide range of other areas, we hope to work towards a sustainable events industry and introduce positive practices and partnerships for an industry with a culture considering sustainability that truly LASTS. Our aim is to address all of the above in partnership with our clients and supply chain throughout our event management operations in order to continuously improve our sustainability performance. We will endeavour to do this throughout the event management lifecycle from concept through to completion. We will commit to all legal and other applicable requirements whilst striving to develop the sustainability of our event services and operations. At GES we are continuously striving to improve in all areas, especially sustainability. We are keen to invite feedback which may in any way relate to our sustainability efforts or our policy. Please contact - with any feedback you may have. GES' Sustainability Policy and the actions of the GES Sustainability Team is the overall responsibility of the Sustainability Manager and the GES Executive Team. Jason Stead Managing Director GES UK Paul Ormsby Head of Health and Safety, GES UK L A S T S

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