Because extraordinary matters

March 27, 2018 Amy Kelley

Noah Wall was born with less than 2% of a brain, but he amazed medics by growing into a happy, chatty little boy. Rosa Parks refused to move from her seat on a bus in Alabama because she was being discriminated against. On a 15.17 Amsterdam to Paris train, an American called Spencer Stone and some remarkably brave, unarmed fellow travellers managed to disarm a terrorist who had 300 rounds of ammunition at his disposal.

What ties these people together? Whether it was in a critical moment, or over a period of time, they have all done something extraordinary. And thinking about what they did and other courageous souls have done, reminds us that we all have a legacy to leave behind us, when we finally depart from this world. It can be a positive one or a negative one. It is our choice.

Blitz is a leader in audio visual staging and creative services for the live events industry in the UK, continental Europe and the Middle East.

Like many companies, Blitz has a unique culture and way of working.  The talent here views ordinary with suspicion and disdain. Rather than be ordinary like everyone else, there is a relentless desire at Blitz to make a really positive difference.

The talent here would like our Customers (and our peer group) to recognise the multitude of moments and stories when Blitz have stepped up individually or collectively to make something impossible, possible.

In short, we want our Customers to think we are extraordinary. Blitz wants a reputation for being extraordinary.

We know not all of us can be remembered like Noah, Rosa or Spencer have been. But in our own work lives and at Blitz particularly, we can still make our Customers think of us and recognise us as being special, courageous and unique. Or extraordinary.

To do that we have to demonstrate and deliver extraordinary every day. It is something we are all committed to.

And why is this important? Because extraordinary matters. Because by being extraordinary, we can leave behind us a lasting, positive and memorable legacy in the eyes of the people we have loved, lived, laughed, cried and worked with on the precious journey that is Life. Does anything matter more?

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Amy Kelley

Amy is the Global Digital Content Marketing Editor at GES. With a strong background in content marketing, social media, and communications, she is a passionate writer and self-confessed word geek. She is also the founder of a non-profit and a health and wellness online community.

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