The Sky is the Limit for Adidas at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Adidas Brand Installation 

adidas are more than just a sports brand, they meld their knowledge to make products that complement the skills of the best athletes on the planet. As a result, there is an expectation upon them to make a ground breaking statement with everything they do, and their ambition for their presence at the London 2012 Olympic Games was no different.


The Olympic Games is the holy grail of marketing and brand presence, where every 4 years the world turns its gaze upon a major city for a festival of sport and culture. As one of the major sponsors for the 2012 Olympic Games, adidas wanted an exclusive central hub that could provide hospitality for large numbers of guests and athletes during the games, as well as providing a space for press conferences and marketing/PR opportunities. 

Sound pretty straight forward? To get an unrivalled view over the Olympic Park, it was decided that the unit should be built on the top floor of the Westfield Shopping Centre in central London. The only catch? The build of Westfield Shopping Centre itself had not yet been completed and to complicate matters further, Westfield is located  right next to the high speed train line, resulting in very little space to work in. Even the weather decided to set us a challenge with 2012 seeing the wettest June and July on record. And to top it all off, it had to be constructed under some of tightest security the city had ever been under. No pressure then…


“Adapt to overcome”. A mantra that was very fitting for this project. The nature of the site meant that this build needed to be custom designed, and one of the biggest challenges was getting the materials onto the rooftop car park of the shopping centre. 

Careful prior planning ensured that all of the materials were delivered to the site on time. This included factoring in the build’s proximity to the Olympic Park meaning that we would be subject to the Olympic traffic restrictions, including the requirement that all of our vehicle movements needed to be booked with at least 24 hours’ notice. We also needed to secure permission to use a 35m crane to lift heavy materials onto the roof right next to the HS1 rail line. Our team used the crane round-the-clock during build-up into the small hours of the morning under the supervision of the rail authorities.

In terms of the design, the main feature of the structure was a purpose built theatre where visitors could come and watch the Olympic action on a big screen – surrounded by walling space that adidas could use for their brand messaging. To complement this, we installed a kitchen/bar area so that the visitors could enjoy food and refreshments while the drama unfolded. 


  • The facility proved to be a great success for adidas. The venue hosted the world’s top athletes at numerous media events and provided a place for them to relax
  • The facility also proved to be the hub for adidas to manage their presence before and during the Games

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