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Bell at Farnborough - A Brand Experience

Bell at Farnborough 2018 - A Brand Experience

For several years, GES has been the contracted partner to design and build the Textron Chalet at Farnborough International Airshow. Every year, improved design and elevated creativity transform the exhibition into a spectacular collaboration of technology and innovation.

Textron is evolving their brand,  focusing on forward-thinking , future-leading modernization and technical revolution . In addition, Bell (a business segment of Textron) took on a major rebrand involving a new logo, slogan, graphics and website to craft a whole new corporate brand identity.


Farnborough International Airshow is one of the most influential exhibitions for the Textron trade show cycle, with over 80 of the top 100 aerospace companies also participating in the show. That’s why it was paramount that the brand direction was reflected into the chalet design, yet still retaining the functionality and flow.


GES spent several months planning, illustrating and honing the new design before it was finalised and manufactured. An intercompany line-up (GES US, GES Sheffield, GES Germany and Blitz, a GES company) along with a team of long-trusted suppliers spent six weeks of on-site construction transforming the empty tarmac into a state-of-the-art, operational chalet that exceeded all expectations.


The 825sqm chalet included an inviting reception area, product displays, a ninety-person dining room serving breakfast and lunch, 10 conference rooms, a bar with informal seating areas, not to mention the 1050sqm of external static displays holding six aircrafts and a model pavilion.


One of the major new developments of the 2018 chalet included the incorporation of a striking video wall into the exterior of the chalet. Corporate videos were showcased to dazzle potential new customers who would have otherwise passed by the chalet. This comprehensive design eliminated the need for the business segment logos and graphics that typically clutter up the exterior, and enabled the Textron brand to pop.


Another exciting new element was a cleverly designed aircraft model kiosk that used electromagnetic technology to give the illusion that the models were flying. Users operated the kiosk via a touchscreen to select an aircraft, which automatically illuminated the corresponding aircraft model as well as operating content on the background video wall. Users were able to explore aircraft specifications, photo shots, 360 views of the aircraft exterior and corporate videos. Visitors were wowed by the technology and delighted by the interactivity.

Touch screen

All in all, after a collaborative team effort and hundreds of hours of hard work, the chalet opened for business on 16th July to tremendous success and and client appreciation. Jenna Harris (Manager of Brand Experience at Bell) and Robert Hasting (Chief Communications Officer and Chief Of Staff at Bell) engaged in an interview with GES and shared their excitement about this year’s design. While discussing the evolvement of the new Bell brand and its incorporation into the 2018 Farnborough chalet,  Jenna stated that the team “hit it A+”. Bob Hastings said “In the 8 years I’ve been at Bell, GES has been there alongside us every step of the way, and what I value about GES is, in fact, the true partnership”.