Datacard Make Their Identity Known at Cartes, Paris

“Our business is very fast paced and consequently we need to adapt to changes on a regular basis, therefore the stand design for CARTES went through many iterations.” 


CARTES in Paris – part of the world leading series of events for the security, information and payment industry - is Datacard’s main event of the year. In reflection of the event’s importance, Datacard’s presence there is the biggest marketing investment the company makes.

Datacard’s aim for this year’s event was to get back in touch with their customers. No more enclosed structures and obscured views of their products, they placed their trust in us to build them a stand that was not only open, inviting and hospitable but was versatile enough to meet their marketing objectives on their entire global event marketing program.

“The GES team were always on hand to help us adapt the design to fit our new requirements.” 


Thomas Leonard once said “Clarity affords focus”, and that was our mantra for building this stand. We needed to break down the walls between Datacard and their customers, like chopping down ivy growing over a stained glass window to let the light in.

We started the process of removing barriers by clearing the space of the high, surrounding exterior walling; creating a more approachable atmosphere by allowing visitors to be able to see into the heart of the stand. In its place we suspended a huge hanging graphic feature from the ceiling to maximise Datacard’s branding.

Where segmentation was needed, we used clear laminate partitions, built into half sized walling. This structural combination made clear lines of sight around the stand, whilst breaking down the many areas of Datacard’s product offerings into manageable chunks for both them and their visitors. As a finishing touch, we printed the laminate with the Datacard logo and bathed it in spotlights to draw in passing visitors.

As a result of the open plan look and low level segmentation, the stand also provided Datacard the flexibility to change the layout in the future to be in line with their ever evolving product range.


  • The final stand came in lower than budgeted
  • Datacard invited us to build their future stands in Dubai and Paris
  • The segmentation of the stand allowed meeting rooms to be built and was a real success. This gave the team much more privacy and allowed them to have more in depth discussions with customers and prospects about projects
The GES team developed solutions on-site quickly and effectively, to ensure a top quality finish. Working with the team was a real pleasure from start to finish.
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