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Baking up a Global Storm with Mecatherm


Did you know that the first recorded use of bread dates back over 30,000 years? We’ve grown a fair bit since then, so how do you bake enough bread to feed a planet? Well, that’s where MECATHERM steps in. And how do you illustrate a presence on that scale around the world? Well, that’s where we step in… 


Since 1997 we have been helping MECATHERM install and display their baking equipment at events in the US, including the industry renowned International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) in Las Vegas. Being based in Barembach, France, MECATHERM needed a supplier that could handle all their needs as they took their brand around the US.

MECATHERM felt it was time to create a consistent brand message across all continents and that brand was to be launched at IBIE – with the design and build of custom stand parts being made closer to home for consistency and then shipped globally.


In terms of IBIE in Las Vegas, MECATHERM wanted the same great local team they had used previously to handle the build of their exhibit, coordinate the unpacking and rigging of their large ovens and other large equipment, plus coordinate and manage all of the utilities required to make their equipment functional on the show. We were also tasked with sourcing catering services (including strong French coffee!), research hotels, and even find an efficient way to dispose of leftover dough at the end of each day.

For their global presence, MECATHERM needed a team closer to home with whom they could discuss their brand without retracing their steps from the past 17 years. Enter our European design and build specialists, based just 2 hours up the road in Mannheim, Germany.

With the help of MECATHERM’s project manager from the US who updated our German team on what MECATHERM needed, the team quickly got to work building components that would easily marry up with the stock structures held in the US. 


  • A new, global relationship was forged – allowing MECATHERM to exhibit with consistency anywhere in the world while maintaining a single point of contact.
  • MECATHERM had a highly successful time exhibiting at IBIE, so successful that we helped them exhibit at Europain in Paris and InterPack in Düsseldorf, with the prospect of delivering again for Gulfood in Dubai.
  • MECATHERM has gone from a client that we deal with every three years, to a client who works with us on multiple projects every year.