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A Little Planning Can Save You a Lot of Money

A Little Planning Can Save You a Lot of Money

Today’s business environment requires us to do more with less. Part of that is stretching your exhibition dollar as far as it can go. One of the easiest – and most cost effective – ways to do so is to take advantage of discounted early ordering rates for exhibitor products and services. This not only applies to GES, but just about any exhibition contractor or service provider.

There are often deep discounts available if you order early and all components are received on time. But keep in mind, early ordering for things like hanging signs or electrical service requires some forethought and pre-planning.

Hanging signs are a great way to help attendees more easily find you on the trade show floor. Anyone who’s been to a trade show knows how easy it can be to become distracted. Having a hanging sign will help ensure attendees can find you. After all, that’s why you’re exhibiting… right?

Be aware of show rules and regulations for hanging signs as well as any approval deadlines show management establishes. You may be required to submit structural engineered stamped plans for pre-approval to meet facility safety regulations, especially if your sign contains electrical elements or weighs more than 300 lbs, which may require a chain hoist. Keep in mind that rules, regulations and deadlines may vary from venue to venue.

If you don’t own a hanging sign and want to see if it helps boost traffic to your exhibit, you can explore your options by renting one. Sign assembly, installation and dismantle is included in one price!

Hanging sign

You’ll definitely need to pre-plan in order to take advantage of electrical discounts, but just think… your booth layout will be done and ready to go! Determine your power needs by adding up the wattage used by each fixture or piece of equipment (this can often be found on stickers affixed to light fixtures or the back of electronic devices – when in doubt, consult an owner’s manual and/or professional electrician). Visualize how you want your booth to look and where you’ll need power outlets to accurately assess power distribution. Changes to your electrical layout after it’s submitted can lead to additional cost, so be sure to plan carefully.

As always, bring copies of all your orders, floorplans and bills of lading to the show so you have documentation should questions arise. And don’t forget to add GES to your approved email list so you’ll receive reminders and specials for all of your upcoming shows.

Pre-planning and being prepared are the best ways to ensure you stretch your trade show dollar and obtain the most ROI. And if you need a hand, just let us know… we’re here to help. A stress-free show is a successful show!


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