3M Digital Merchandising at 3M Innovation Center.

February 16, 2017

3M Digital Merchandising

Small space. Big thinking.

3M Digital Merchandising is an innovative technology that uses electronic imaging to create clear, uncluttered point-of-purchase displays in retail environments. With an unexpected – and unexpectedly quick – opportunity to meet with a prospective client, 3M decided to forgo the traditional sales pitch with photos and videos and asked us instead to bring the technology to life.

Working after hours on 2 consecutive nights, we transformed a storage closet in the 3M Innovation Center into various retail environments from a convenience store to a bar. The prospective client could simply walk into the environment and see Digital Merchandising in action. The installation was so successful, it’s now a permanent fixture in the 3M Innovation Center.


  • Experience Design
  • Structural Design 
  • Fabrication 
  • Installation

3M Digital Merchandising-bar

3M Digital Merchandising-Display

3M Digital Merchandising-Display

3M Digital Merchandising-Refrigerators

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